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Students are admitted based on merit of the candidate at T.Y B. Sc. Botany as per SavitribaiPhule Pune University, Pune, rules and regulation. During the year of T.Y. B.Sc the students are learned various courses and also carry out a small innovative projects. mypornleaks.com

Department of Botany

Department of Botany established in the year 1991. Botany departments of ShriGurudevShikshanPrasarakMandal’s Swami Muktanand College of Science Yeola, is running academic programs at UG level with the support of  Teachers. Under graduate courses are offered at first and second year students general streams with Botany as special subject at third year level. There is one laboratory in the department. The laboratory is well equipped with modern instruments purchased out of grants provided by BCUD through minor research projects and Management. The department is enriched with learning resources such as INSTRUMENTS, EXPERIMENTAL SETUP, CHARTS, SPECIMENS,SLIDES,MODELS,HERBARIUM and MODERN facilities like computer, internet, which help the students in independent learning. The botanical excursion is organized in view to study the wild plant diversity, forest ecosystem and to inculcate the research knowledge to the students by visiting Agriculture University.   

Salient Features of the Department

  1. Department has highly qualified faculty.
  2. Department has organized various filed experiments.
  3. Department has organized Educational tour.
  4. The department has a well-equipped computer and WIFI connectivity.
  5. Department has organized various students competition like poster presentation competition, seminar competition.

Future Plans

  • To enhance the Higher education values in rural area and to start the Post-Graduation unit.
  • Keep in mind the importance of research to start the research projects.
  • Establishment a Research Laboratory.
  • The department intends to organize Seminars, Conferences and Workshops at State and National Levels.
  • To imbibe curiosity and thrust of knowledge among students.
  • Ensure Constant academic excellence.

Research Activity

The Departmental teaching faculty has interestingly engaged in research in various fields of biological sciences like plant pathology,angiosperm taxonomy, genetics and plant breeding, Plant Biotechnology, mutation breeding etc. Teachers provided projects to the students during academic year in the department.

Students Projects: 20

Publications (Research Papers):13

  1. 1. Dr. Pachore M. V. :- 2 Research papers
  2. Dr. Datir R.B.:- 3 research papers
  3. Dr. Patale S.W. :- 8 Research papers.
  4. Prof. Bhagwat V.C. :- Nil

Sr. No Name of Faculty Number of Papers Published Name of Journal
1 Prof. Dr. Pachore M. V. 2

1. Flora and Fauna

  An international

  Journal of Biological sciences.

2. Advances in Plant Sciences

2 Prof. Dr. Datir R. B. 3

1. Asian Journal of Experimental and

     Biological Science.

2. Plant Sciences Feed 2 (7):

3. Flora and Fauna, An international Journal

    of Biological Sciences.

3 Prof. Dr. Patale S. W. 8

1. Flora and Fauna

2. Advances in Plant Sciences


4. J. Adv. Lab. Res.III (IV)

5. Int. J. of Life sci. & Phar.

6. Ind. Jr. Res. Studies in Pure and appl.

    Sci. II (I & II)

7. Int. Jour. of Adv. Multi.

4 Prof. Bhagwat V. C. Nil Nil

Teaching Staff

Sr. No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Details
1 Prof.Dr. Pachore M. V. Head & Associate Professor M.Sc. Ph.D. Details
2 Prof. Dr. Datir R.B. Assistant Professor M.Sc.Ph.D. Details
3 Prof.Dr. Patale S. W. Assistant Professor M.Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D. Details
4 Prof. Bhagwat V. C. Assistant Professor M.Sc Details

Non-Teaching Staff

Sr. No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Details
1 Shri. Tambe S.B. Lab. Attendent H.S.C.    Details

Fallowing facilities are available in the Department

  1. Infrastructure 2. Instruments 3. Equipment’s
  2. Computer with Internet facility 5. Charts 6. Botanical Garden


Sr.No. Item Details 
1 Cabin – Head of Department 8 X 15  feet
2 Practical  Laboratory  

Major Equipments

Sr.No. Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Research Microscope 1
2 Compound Microscope 14
3 Simple Microscope 5
4 Refrigerator 1
5 Autoclave 1
6 Spectrophotometer 1
7 Gel Electrophoresis apparatus 1
8 Centrifuge Machine 1
9 Digital Balance 1
10 Hot air oven 1
11 pH meter 1
12 Hot water bath 1
13 Inoculation Chamber (Hood) 1
14 Rain Gauge 1
15 Computer with Internet Facility 1
16 Charts 40
17 Plant press 1
18 Arc- Auxanometer 1


Sr. No. Name of the course Date of Establishment Division(s) Intake capacity
1 F.Y. B. Sc. Botany 1991 1 120
2 S.Y. B. Sc. Botany 1992 1 120
3 T.Y. B. Sc. Botany 1993 1 120

Contact Us

Department of Botany
Head and Associate Professor
Swami Muktanand College of Science, Yeola
Contact Number
9921620740 / 9423072685
E-mail ID:
pachoremv@rediffmail.com / pachoremv500@gmail.com

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