Department of chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was instituted from the beginning of our College in  1993. Chemistry as a Compulsory subject was started from 1991 at F.YB.Sc and compulsory subject from 1993 at T.Y.B.Sc.level. The laboratory is adequate with all equipments& accessories over the years. Presently the Department has four Full time teaching staff member. The Department has a laboratory.

Date of Establishment:  June-1991

  • Senior wing:  F. Y. B. Sc., S. Y. B. Sc.&T. Y. B. Sc.

Proposed Courses in future:  M.Sc.

Salient Features of the Department

  • Progressive  under-graduate wing
  • Emphasis on student centered teaching learning process
  • Availability of computer  with access to the internet
  • Activities like seminar competition.

Department activities

Activities in the Department are Following

  • Seminars,
  • Workshops,
  • Conferences,
  • Exhibition, Quiz,
  • Poster Competition,
  • Essay Competition,
  • Social Activity
  • Guest Lectures
  • Student seminar

Research activity of chemistry

  1. Research Papers:-Papers published in Proceeding:- Prof.Jadhav K.K.

Sr. No. Title of Paper Name of Conference
1 Synthesis and characterization of CuO nanoparticles thick film with dopant variation and its applications for NH3 das sensors International Conference on Innovations in Nano materials And Their Applications. Organized by LokneteVenkatraoHiray Arts, Science & Commerce College, Panchavati, Nashik-3 on 18/01/2018
2 Chemical and Microbial Analysis of Natural Water in Manmad and Nashik District Region” “National Conference on Emerging Trends  in Chemistry and Nanoparticles Organized by LokneteVenkatraoHiray Arts, Science & Commerce College, Panchavati, Nashik-3 on 20/01/2017
3 Estimation of Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc & magnesium From ArogywardhiniVati Samples by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Technique. International Conference on Emerging Trends and issues in Researh& Development. Organized by Maharaja SayajiraoGaikwad Arts, Science &Commerece College, Malegaon Camp on 17/02/2016-18/02/2016
4 Chemical and Analysis of Natural Water in Manmad and Nashik District Region” International Conference on Pure and Applied Sciences. Organized by Maharaja SayajiraoGaikwad Arts, Science &Commerece College, Malegaon Camp on 12/12/2016-14/12/2016
5 Determination of Iron from Tea samples National Conference on Current Innovations in Chemical Research, organized by K.J.Somaiya College of Arts,Commerece and Science ,Kopargaon on 23/12/2014-24/12/2014

2.Prof. Sonwane R K Paper Published / Presented:

Sr.No. Title of Paper Published / Presented
1 Determination of Residual Pesticides by using Gas Chromatography Techniques from Guava & Pomegranate. Published in World journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences.Dec.2015
2 Estimation of Calcium from fresh milk samples by volumetric method. Published in International journal of Pharmaceutical research & V.-6,I-12 Jan.2015
3 Synthesis & Characterization of beta-amino carbonyl ligand by Infrared Spectroscopy. Presented in International conference on Innovative research techniques in chemical & physical sciences. M.S.G.College Malegaon.12-14 Dec.2016
4 Synthesis & Characterization of Co3O4 nanoparticles &their application in gas sensing. Presented in International conference on Innovations in nanomaterials& their applications.18-20 Jan.2018

Teaching Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Details
01. Dr. Patil V.V. H.O.D.& Associate Professor M.Sc.Ph.D Details
02. Prof. Sonawane R.K. Assistant Professor M.Sc Details
03. Prof. Jadhav. K.K. Assistant Professor M.Sc Details
04. Prof. Patil P.N. Assistant Professor M.Sc Details

Non-Teaching Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification
01. Mr.Gaikwad B.K. Lab Assistant B.A.
02. Mr.Magar W.D. Lab Attendant M.A.


Facilities available in the Department (Infrastructure, Instruments, Equipments, Internet, Departmental Library)


Sr.No. Item
1 Cabin – Head of Department
2 Practical  Laboratory [Organic & Inorganic ]
3 Physical Chemistry Laboratory
4 Store Room

Major Equipments

Sr. No. Name of the Equipment Quantity
1. High temp. Oven 1
2. Colorimeter 1
3. Digital weigh balance 1
4. Suction pump 1
5. PH Meter 1
6. Conductometer 1
7. Potentiometer 1

Departmental Achievements

  • Department organised one day district level seminar on “Scope& Importance of Agricultural & Dairy Chemistry in 2007-08
  • Our 3 X students have completed their Ph.D. degree from S.P. P.U. Pune, besides this,Mr. PagarVinayak has completed his Ph.D. from Taiwan and post doc. from U.S.A. recently.
  • Mr. Amol Sonawane doing his Ph.D. from GIFUniversity Japan
  • Our 3 to 4 students are doing their Ph.D. atrenowned centres in India.
  • One of our students has received “National award by President of India for wiewing Paithani”
  • In spite of college located in rural area, our almost 95%students have secured jobs in various industries, in teaching field and self-business.
  • Nearly our 10 to 15 X students qualified NET/SET examination and 4 to 5 X students have been appointed as Assistant Professor in various colleges.

Following are the courses offered by the department

Name of the course Date of Establishment Division(s)& Intake Capacity Intake capacity
F.Y. B. Sc. Chemistry              1991-92                        1 [120]             120
S.Y. B. Sc. Chemistry               1992-93                        1 [120]            120
T.Y. B. Sc. Chemistry              1993-94                        1 [120]              120

T.Y. B. Sc. Chemistry Admission

Admissions to the course will be based on merit of the candidate as per SavitribaiPhule Pune University, Pune, rules of reservation


  1. Mr.Yogesh Surase- Assist.Manager Syngene life science.
  2. Mr.Shashikant Sonawane –Sr.Executive, ARCH Farma lab. Tarapur
  3. Mr.Amol Dehade.
  4. Mr.Manoj Datrange.
  5. Mr.Mahesh Bhandge.-National award winner
  6. Dr. Walmik Aware-Asst. Professor
  7. Dr.Vinayak Pagar. –Post Doc USA
  8. Dr. Namdeo Dhokale -Asst. Professor.
  9. Dr. Ganesh Dabhade -Asst. Professor
  10. Mr. Nitin Jadhav-Asst. Professor and doing Ph.D.
  11. Mr. Amol Sonawane -doing  Ph.D. from GIF University Japan.
  12. Mr.Appa Kadam-doing Ph.D. from N.C.L. Pune
  13. Mr. Gorakh Jachak -doing Ph.D. from N.C.L. Pune
  14. Mr. Maruti Mali -doing Ph.D. from ICER, Hyderabad.
  15. Mr.Amol Pagare -Asst. Professor.
  16. Mr.Wasim Beg -Asst. Professor
  17. Mr. Bhausaheb Sonawane -Asst. Professor
  18. Mr. Mahendra Janrao -Asst. Professor
  19. Mr. Chandrakant Jamdhade -Asst. Professor
  20. Mr. Kailas More –NET,Asst. Professor
  21. Ms. Seema Bhagwat –NET
  22. Ms. Priyanka Shinde-NET
  23. Ms. Jayshri Shinde-NET

Chemistry syllabus

Contact information

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Contact Number
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