Extension activities

Extension activities in sensitizing students to social issues and holistic development.

The college promotes good relations with neighborhood community through extension activities and other programs for the betterment of society and to inculcate the social responsibility among the students. We feel extremely proud to host events which aim at contributing and bringing a positive change in the society. We hope to have helped spread awareness about substance abuse, an issue that our society and the youth face today. The institute believes that such events and causes provide student a healthy education. “The social sector is certainly something we have always given priority to and therefore we like to sensitize students to issues around them. To sensitize the students to social issues and holistic development in the neighborhood communities following activities are done during the last five years

  1. Village Adoption by National service scheme (NSS):

NSS extension activities are conducted every year in a particular village for doing social services, cleaning and greening, Survey of village, awareness programme and rallies to develop the social services and responsibilities among the students and to understand the community needs. The NSS volunteers of the institution have adopted neighboring villages. The management extends financial help, academic programs and social services. The objects are not just about spreading the message to the public, but also to educate the students.

  3.  Awareness and holistic development Programs:

Awareness programs are conducted by conducting rallies in relation to anti-drug, road safety, right for vote, rainwater harvesting, electricity saving, tree plantation, save tree and save water etc. The college is coeducational institution sensitizes students on issues such as gender inclusion and environment by holding seminars on the relevant topics like women empowerment, Celebration of women’s day.

  2.  Health care activities:

To promote the health and wellness of the neighborhood community, health care activities has been conducted in the college. With help of Blood Banks students extend their help towards developing healthy life styles by donating blood to all the needy people and by promoting the regular voluntary blood donation. Yoga and meditation is practiced in the camps to create a calm mind, good concentration, improved communication, better clarity, relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body.

      4. Career guidance:

To develop the employment opportunities among the students, various activities like competitive Examination guidance, Personality development and soft skill development.

5. Farmers guidance:

The department of Botany organizes the farmer’s guidance programmes to guide the farmers about quality of soil and aware about the use of bio-fertilizer and avoid the use of chemicals in agriculture, and department of chemistry guide to farmers about soil and water testing.

By the above extension activities and social responsibilities, students are well trained for the contribution of good citizenship, service orientation and holistic development of students.