The S.G.S.P. Mandal’aYeola Swami Muktnanad College of Science college library known was established in the year 1991 to support the academic and extra-curricular objectives of the college.The College Library has been playing a very significant role in the educational process and it is the heart of the institution. The library is the storehouse of knowledge that helps achieve the objectives of education, conservation of knowledge and ideas as well as teaching and research programmes. Our College Library performs a variety of functions by the way of collecting information, processing, retrieving the relevant information and providing it to the users. The library also helps the students and faculty with text books, reference books, magazines and journals and also e-resources with respect to all subject areas. ​

Staff List

Name Designation Details
Mr. N. B. Bachhav Librarian Details

Library Advisory Committee

Library has advisory committee to exercise general direction, control, supervision and guidance. The Library Committee plays a vital role in enhancing and developing the library services. Library committee consists of the Principal, teachers and Librarian. They meet and plan for the Preparation of the library budget. Decisions regarding the weeding out of books, annual activities conducted by the library and also discuss the recommendations made for books and subscription of library journals/periodicals. The Principal, Head of departments recommended books to be purchased for the library.

Members of Library Advisory Committee -

1  Prin.Dr.DatirR. B  Chairman
2 Mrs. Pande S C Member
3 Mr. Patil P.N. Member
4 Mr. Bhagwat V C Member
5 Mr. Dr.Vibhandik A M Member
6 Mr. Bachhav N B Secretary

Year-wise books added to the library

Sr. No Year No. of Books Cost (Rs.)
1 1991-1992 448 12811.00
2 1992-1993 195 6727.00
3 1993-1994 55 1957.00
4 1994-1995 15 922.00
5 1995-1996 241 13425.00
6 1996-1997 78 3012.00
7 1997-1998 187 9300.00
8 1998-1999 107 5771.00
9 1999-2000 102 6020.00
10 2000-2001 35 2171.00
11 2001-2002 124 22315.00
12 2002-2003 205 17078.00
13 2003-2004 320 36492.00
14 2004-2005 163 16526.00
15 2005-2006 138 11500.00
16 2006-2007 107 19565.00
17 2007-2008 22 3222.00
18 2008-2009 298 33825.00
19 2009-2010 324 56793.00
20 2010-2011 146 15455.00
21 2011-2012 130 34504.00
22 2012-2013 150 36804.00
23 2013-2014 380 76123.00
24 2014-2015 272 42010.00
25 2015-2016 267 36550.00
26 2016-2017 379 72540.00
27 2017-2018 59 10369.00

Rules & Regulation

  • Identity Card is non-transferable.
  • Every Student must always carry his/her Identity Card
  • If the Identity card is lost by a member, he/she shall make a written report to the Principal/Librarian and request for a duplicate I card
  • College Leaving Certificate will not be given to a pupil until he/she has returned all the books
  • A duplicate Identity Card will be issued to the member on payment of Rs. 50/-.
  • Spitting and smoking in any part of the Library is strictly prohibited
  • No waste paper shall be thrown on the floor of the Library.
  • Books will be issued between 11.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. On all working days.
  • While borrowing book every student must check the books missing pages or any other damages to the book and bring it to the notice of Librarian.
  • Do not mark, fold and tear any pages of the Library-book.
  • Any Library-book damaged by the user shall be replaced or its cost and fine shall be paid by the user.
  • Issued book may be suspended at any time by the order of Librarian, for instance, at the time of stock taking.
  • The librarian is empowered to recall any book at any time.
  • Handle the books carefully while Browsing/Consulting them
  • All Library books shall be returned after the end of the Examination.
  • Switch off mobile in the library premises.

Syllabus and Question Papers

Access to Open Access E-Resources (e-journals, e-books, audio books and interactive e-content):  
Click on the links below to access the respective e-resources:

Taylor & Francis Open and Routledge Open (4,557 Titles)


  • e-PG Pathshala: A Gateway to all PG Courses – High quality, curriculum-based, interactive content in different subjects across all disciplines 
  • e-Pathshala of NCERT: Access digital textbooks and e Resources


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