National Service Scheme Report 2018-2019


On the occasion of van mahostav which was conducted dating 1st July to 7th July 18 in our college campus on the 3rd and 4th July 18 van mahostav is celebrated. The programme is started with NSS song. Dr. Vibhandik A. M. have told importance of plantation, afforestation to avoid drought, flood, global warming, depletion of ozone layer, increase in the sea level etc. To maintain the environmental balance we must look towards forests, because these forests are lungs of our environment which is being polluted day by day. At this time incharge principal Dr. Datir R. B. also told students to maintain environment and take care of our environment. Do not pollute environment by doing any bad practice. This is our responsibility to provide good quality environment to next generation. On 4th July 18 in our college campus plantation is done. Ashoka, Chinch, Gulmohar, Aawala, Neem were planted.


Our Library Department and N.S.S. Department together have conducted Wachan Prerna Din on 15th October the birth date of late president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam the peoples President .On this Occassion Granth Dindi is organised the palkhi is well decorated and all books written by respected Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam were placed in the palkhi. Students have slogans and pictures of Dr Kalam with them. This Granth Dindi is well appreciated by yeola citizens. When this Granth Dindi reached in College campus Wachan prerna Din ceremony is conducted in seminar hall. To inculcate the habit of reading habit of various books of Dr. Kalam and other writers. It will help to develop reading habit in students through which good citizens will be developed.


On the occasions of the National Voters Day 25th January a rally was organised by the tahasil yeola. It is started from Tilak maidan and passed through main road saraf bazar bambu lane fatteburuz naka and then to the tahasil of yeola .To make peoples aware of Voting, nominate their names in voting list, to make them aware of duty of voters, voters rights is the main object of this rally .Conclusion of this rally is done by National anthem


On 29/07/2018 Voters awareness programme was conducted. On this occasion in charge principal Dr. Datir R. B. was chair person. Chief guest was Yeola Tahasil Nayab Tahasildar Mr. Warule. Secretory of our institute Mr. Deepak Gaikwad was also their on dias, Mr. Warule  said that students above 18 years age must add their names in the voters list and should use their voting power in every election as a part of democracy. Every student must perform voting it is a national duty. To strengthen our nation participate in the voting process is essential. Mr. Deepak Gaikwad said that students of N S S must involve in this voting process. This programme was anchored by Mr. Patil P. N.Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Vibhandik A. M.


31ST October is the Birth dates of Sardar Wallabh bhai Patel the great freedom fighter of India. This day is celebrated as National Unity Day in our country. In our College also National Unity Day is celebrated on 31st October 18. The Chairperson of this programme is In charge Principal Dr. Datir R.B. discussed with the students and give information about work of Sardar Wallabh Bhai Patel. After independence of India so many Sansthans and State were joined to India only because of Sardar Patel. At this time images of Sardar Wallabh bhai Patel and Shrimati Indira Gandhi were worshiped. This Programme is anchored by Dr. Vibhandik


Blood donation camp was organised on 30 January 18 in our college in seminar hall. Blood donation is greatest of all kinds of donation because it is useful to give life to any serious patient of any kind. N.S.S. Students were told to participate in great move. This blood donation camp was organised in joint venture of Samta blood bank Nasik. 23 candidates have donated blood 21 Male and 2 Female students. Special efforts were taken by In charge Principal Dr.Datir R.B., Dr Vibhandik A.M., Mr.Patil P.N. Students Welfare Officer Mr.Tribhuwan A.P. and Mr. Nikume N.C. Mr. Khairnar Arun.


In between 1st to 15th August 18 Swachha v Swastha Bharat Abhiyan was organized in our college. On 1st August 18 Swachhata pleadge was taken by all N.S.S. students. At this time Dr. Vibhandilk A. M. have told experiments of cleanliness done by Sant Gadge Baba and emphasized on the importance of cleanliness. Swachhata is worship to the God said by Gadge baba.We must practice cleanliness in our daily life. Mr. Patil P.N. read the pledge of cleanliness and students followed him. After this college campus was by cleaned by the N.S.S. students.From 11th August to 13th August 18 under this programme all college campus, Library, Labs, Playground, Urinary, Govt Hospital Garden area was cleaned by N.S.S. students.


In between 12 to 18 January 2018 in our college Yuva Saptah is organised. On 18th January Yuva Saptah celebrated. On this occasion various books of Swami Vivekanand were given to the students and reading their literature is done by N.S.S. Students. Mr. Akshay Petkar, Miss Vaishali Lone and Miss Nagpure Mansi delivered speech on work of Swami Vivekanand . All N.S.S. Students can go through the books written by Swami Vivekanand to shape their character. This programme was anchored by Dr Vibhandik A. M. and programme was concluded by national anthem.


On this day all N S S students participated in prabhat feri with great enthusiasm. They have slogans of tree plantation, water conservation, save the water, clean city and beautiful city. They have tried to explain importance of all these things to Yeola citizens. This prabhat feri was admired by all citizens. They have all participated in national flag hosting. All students realized their responsibility to strengthen the nation. Participation in Independence Day Flag hosting will help to develop good moral character. This prabhat feri was admired by all citizens.


On 1st August 2018 NSS registration and verification programme was conducted. On this occasion previous programme officer Dr. Patale S W guided our students about aim, objectives and work of N. S. S. All interested students have registered their names in N. S. S. and started their work in the college campus. Mr. Patil P. N. Mr.Tribhuwan A. P., Mr. Sonawane R K. also participated in the registration process. This programme was concluded by national anthem.


In our college in between 1st December to 8th December 18 AIDS Week is celebrated on the 1st December 18 N.S.S. students have visited slum area behind our college tried to make them aware of AIDS and HIV infection. Dr Datir R.B. given speech to the students He explained how this disease is responsible for destruction of youth of our country. The young generation which is the future of India becoming the victim of dangerous disease it is our responsibility to make them aware of this. To develop very good character of students and it is possible through the N.S.S. activities.