Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association is functioning in our college. It helps and cooperates with the institutions in the welfare of the students and provides support for the improvement in the infrastructural facilities. PTA executive committee consists of 9  members elected from parents of students and teachers of the institution. In the executive committee, 4-5  members are from parents and remaining  members are from the teachers. The principal acts as the president of the Parent Teacher Association..

Parent Teacher Association(PTA) has been formed at College of Swami Muktanand Science College, Yeola, Dist- Nashikwith the following objectives .

* To create cooperation among  parent and teacher for the welfare of Students and for the Development of the  Swami Muktanand Science College, Yeola, Dist- Nashik

*To apprise the parents about the activities going on in the college such as  university examination, competitive examinations and other social activities.
* To promote good relationship among the members of the Teaching staff, student and parent/guardians of the students
* To assist students coming from Socially and Economically backward group financially or otherwise to complete education successfully
* To promote the activities and to conduct Seminars and Technical/Training programmes for the students to achieve technology oriented skills/jobs
* To institute scholarships, prizes, medals, endowments etc to benefit students showing a high proficiency in their studies and co-curricular activities.