F.Y. B.Sc.

Student, who has passed 12th science examination or its equivalent, is eligible to seek admission to F.Y. B.Sc. class. A student will have to offer any four subjects out of the five subject’s viz., Physics (P), Chemistry (C), Botany (B), Zoology (Z) and Mathematics (M). Accordingly a student can select any one of the two groups; PCMB (Group A) or PCBZ (Group B).

S.Y. B.Sc.

1. While seeking admission to S.Y. B.Sc. class, a student can offer any three of the four subjects offered at F.Y.B.Sc.level. Following 3 groups of subjects are available at our college. Student has to select any one.

  1. a) Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  2. b) Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
  3. C) Physics,Chemistry,Botany
  4. In addition, a student has to obtain Marathi or English as one of the compulsory language.

3. A Course entitled “Environmental Awareness” is compulsory for S.Y. B.Sc. students.

T.Y. B.Sc.

Student may offer any one subject as a special subject, which he had studied at S.Y. B.Sc level. (Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Zoology).

F.Y.B.Sc S.Y.B.Sc T.Y.B.Sc
1 Botany 1 Botany 1 Botany
2 Chemistry 2 Chemistry 2 Chemistry
3 Physics 3 Physics 3 Physics
4 Mathematics 4 Mathematics 4 Mathematics
5 Zoology 5 Zoology 5 Zoology
6 Physical Education 6 Marathi / English