Department of Zoology

  1. Name of the department: Zoology
  2. Year of Establishment: 1991
  3. Names of   Programmes/Courses offered: B.Sc.
  4. Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise): B.Sc. (F.Y.) –  

         Annual, B.Sc. (S.Y. and T.Y.) – Semester

Number of teaching posts

 Teaching Faculty Sanctioned Filled
Professors 00 00
Associate Professors 01 01
Asst. Professors 02 02

Future plan of the department

  1. To upgrade qualification of staff.
  2. To publish the research papers in National & International level Journals.
  3. To attend & participate in the various seminars & conference.
  4. To promote teachers & students for participation in Research activity.
  5. To maintain vermiculture project and Honey bee colony.
  6. To develop the awareness of bird conservation

Research activity

Name of the faculty Duration Title of  the project Name of the



Grant received

In Rs.


(Minor/ Major)

Prof. Tribhuwan A.P. 1/04/2012to 31/03/2014 Study of socio-economic impact of awareness of Apiculture on Agriculture of Yeola tahsil of Nasik district BCUD, University of Pune 220000/- Minor
. Prof. Tribhuwan A.P. 1/04/2015to


DNA BAR coding & molecular taxonomical  studies of cestode parasites of marine fishes from kokan area of Maharashtra   U.G.C. 460000/- Minor

Faculty profile

 Name  Qualification  Designation  Specialization No. of Years of Experience Details
Dr.D.B. Goswami M.Sc. Ph.D FZSI, F.L. Sc Principle Entomology                              26    Details
Dr.B.B.Rahane M.Sc., Ph.D. Head and Associate Professor Entomology                              27    Details
Prof. A.P. Tribhuwan M.Sc., M.Phil Assistant Professor Entomology                               21    Details
Dr. A.M. Vibhandik M.Sc.Ph.D. Assistant Professor Entomology                              25    Details

Infrastructure Detail

Laboratory Name Area in Sq. Mtrs Equipment detail Quantity Remark
Zoology 72 Compound Microscope 10 Working
Dissecting microscope 15 Working
Oven 01 Working
One pan electronic balance 01 Working
Microtome 01 Working
Water bath 01 Working
Centrifuge 01 Working
colorimeter 01 Working
PH Meter 01 Working
Computer 01 Working
Hemometer 10 Working
Hemocytometer 10 Working
sphygmomanometer 01 Working
Honey extracter 01 Working


Workshops/Seminars conducted by department:

Sr No Title of Seminar/workshop/conference Level




Academic Year Funding


1 Syllabus Framing of Zoology for B.Sc. First Year University 2003-04 BCUD, S.P.Pune University


Dr. B.B.Rahane

1) Biomonitoring of heavy metals from Gangapur reservoir using three fresh water bivalve species. ( Pollution Research)

2) Investigation of seasonal variations in physic-chemical charachtericstics of Gangapur reservoir in nasik district. (Essence)

3.) Assessment of seasonal variations in water quality of Girna reservoir in Nasik district.(IJRSR)

4.) Comparitive analysis of seasonal variations inphysico-chemical parameters from Girna,Ozarkhed,Chankapur and Gangapur reservoirs in Nasik district. (IJPAS)

5) .Bioaccumulations of heavy metals in three fresh water bivalve species from Girna reservoir,Nasik.(Bioscan)

6) .Heavy metal induced alterations in Ascorbic acid content in different tissues of fresh water bivalve species,L.corrianus,L.marginalis and P.cylindrica at different reservoirs of Nasik district.

7) .Study of heavy metals from Ozarkhed reservoir (Nasik district) using three fresh water bivalve species.

8) .Effect of heavy metal alterations in Protein content in various tissues of fresh water bivalve different reservoirs of Nasik district.

9.)  Heavy metal induced biochemical alterations in different tissues of three fresh water bivalve species from Gangapur reservoir in Nasik (M.S.)

Prof. Tribhuwan A.P.

1.“Histological effect of pyrothroid based mosquito coil smoke on lung of black Rat”  published in international Journal Biology and Medicine, Vol 3 (4): 13-17, 2011.

2.“Dispose of the garbage at the source generated- city farming” published in Excel Journal of Engineering Technology & management science ( An International  & Multidisciplinary Journal Vol I No.3:75-78, July- December2012

3.“The effect of in held mosquito coil smoke on blood of black Rat” published in Life Science bulletin (An Multidisciplinary International Journal of Life Sciences) Vol 09( No.2):303-305 , Dec.2012

4.“Comparative Study of Cross pollination on onion by Apis melifera & Apis “ published in Life Sciences International Research Journal Vol. 3 (Special Issue):29-32 ,2016


Sr.No Title of the book Subject Publisher Year of Pubn. Level at which recommended
1 A Text book of Medical Entomology


Zoology Vision Publication Pune 2016 UG  students

Prof. Tribhuwan (2016) Co- author of Textbook of  Medical Entomology for B.Sc.Third Year Zoology Published By Syccess Publication