01/12/2023 Friday

A Library Advisory Committee has been formed to ensure proper library administration. Its members include the Chairman (Principal), Secretary (Librarian), and the faculty. The Library Advisory Committee meets twice a year to discuss library-related issues. The library advisory committees have well-defined purposes. The library is an essential component of any academic institution. A Library committee has been formed to ensure that the library operates efficiently and effectively.

 Members of Library Advisory Committee

Sr. No                       Name                               Designation
1 Dr. Dhanraj B. Goswami (Principal) Chairman
2 Mr. Nitin B. Bachhav   (Librarian)       
3 Mr. Ajay P. Tribhuvan (IQAC Coordinator)
4 Mr. Purushottam N. Patil (Faculty)     
5 Dr. Sudam W. Patale  (Faculty)